Thursday, December 20, 2007


I'm still here. Tonight was actually the first night my computer would let me log on here. I haven't really been knitting until two nights ago. For some reason I just didn't feel like knitting. I'm still unemployed. Of course, I've put applications in EVERYWHERE! There's a fabric store that is taking applications but I won't know anything until after Christmas.

Speaking of which I hope everyone has a safe holiday and Merry Christmahanakwanzakuh! (I don't care if I spelled that right it's just fun to say).

Also, my birthday is coming up on Sunday. I'll be 19! Not entirely sure what to expect...maybe I'll get the same "Learn How to Draw" kit for the third year in a row by my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I know it's the thought that counts...but seriously Nikki told them last year that it was the same from the year before. But, oh well. I'd be happy with a Patternworks gift certificate or even a couple of skeins of a really crappy yarn that I'll find SOMETHING to do with.

Again, Merry Christmahanakwanzakuh to everyone. If I'm not online anymore this month I'll see you in '08.

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Ewe-niss said...

Welcome back! That is the nice thing about knitting. It is aways there ready to be picked up. Even if it is years later. :-)

As an aunt who tried very hard to give good Christmas gifts to my nieces and nephews... we try. Really we try. We love you! (I guess I was giving the wrong gift card for 3 years - even though I was told to get Blockbuster. I overheard them groaning about them one spring. Oh and there was the year that I got a call in April for a receipt for an xmas gift because niece discovered that one of the glasses in her candle set was broken...) so honestly we do try. :-)

Have a very merry Christmas! And I love how they say Christmahana... too :-)