Tuesday, January 30, 2007

school stress

There has been little knitting from here due to stresses at school and the worst part of the sweater (in my opinion) the decreasing of the armholes, I just can't seem to concentrate. I also believe that my meds aren't cutting it for me. I have an appointment this Saturday to find out if I need them to be stronger. Not to mention there is someone at school that makes me not want to go...but someone who does make me want to go. But I don't want to talk about either one of them. I think I should just stick to knitting circular or on a simple pattern until I can get my meds to be stronger or something. Or I can talk my mom into letting me go to my grandmothers where their heat is on 24/7 and doesn't just kick on when it gets to cold in the house and kicks off when it gets "too hot", because my fingers are freezing. Even now they are so called it isn't even funny!!

It is now 13 degrees out. If there is no snow on the ground tomorrow I will seriously cry.

Friday, January 19, 2007

so busy!!!

It just seems that I am so swamped with random crap that I have to do in order to graduate high school (writing portfolios need to die!!!). It just seems that when I get to English the stupid class seems to last fffffffffffffoooooooooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr! Seeing as we don't do anything anyway. :\

But I have somehow figured out how to knit and read Political Science at the same time. Cool huh?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wavy is finished!

I finally finished "Wavy" last night. It is so pretty, I just need it to get cold enough for me to wear it out. :( Stupid Kentucky weather!

I wish I had more to write about but I don't feel like it.

Friday, January 5, 2007

One Skein addiction

*stands up and clears throat* Um...my name is Sarah.
*continues* I'm addicted to "One Skein". *bursts into sobs*

Okay, enough drama for, like, five minutes. I have been working on "Wavy" from Knitty and I have...four more rows & three more pattern repeats (does that make sense?) but I only have the will power to work on it during "Beauty & the Geek" (addicted to that too but that meeting is another day...lol). I don't know why I want to work on it then it just seems like a "Beauty & the Geek" scarf...hmm, maybe I'll never know. But anyway, I come across one skein of yarn in my bedroom as I'm...*ahem* suppose to be cleaning and I grab my book and open it and just cast on and work on that forgetting all about my room and "Wavy".

My Child/Human Development class is getting ready to work on sewing projects (I could choose to knit if I want to but I would only get credit for knitting in class—how freaking amazing is that?), I thought about bringing in some knitting until flipping through the Haan catalog and found these, ain't dey just the cutest widdle things you ever saw? Truth...my sewing skills suck!!!! But you know, it's plush fur and no one would really know if I mess up, seeing as I'm making these for Natalie (two months-give or take-until she's here! Yay!).

Good news, my Sociology teacher from last semester, just had her baby on the 3rd...which is kind of funny since he is a third, you know "Daddy's full name, the 3rd" but they are calling him "Trip". I made him a hot blue/hot green/white mitered square blanket which I have to get some fleece backing just for extra softness (and cuteness) this weekend and see where I can take it so that the blanket can get to Mrs. N and "Trip". So seeing as I designed the blanket for him I'm calling it..."Trip's Blocks", which adds more 3s to the poor boy seeing as it's tri-color, lol. I'm going to have to get a picture of it before I send it to Mrs. N of course, for my "files".

Wow, I won't shut up will I? This is the most I've written in this blog, but of course I've deprived myself of the Internet for a couple of days and I'm doped up on Dr. Pepper, (which I'm also addicted to! Gah! So many addictions! Good thing their okay, nothing illegal you know.)

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

In 2006 have you....
Had more then 4 boyfriends/girlfriends?: nope
Been in love?: nu-uh
Been kissed?: no :(
Kept your new years resolution?: yeah...right.
Been injured? I twisted my ankle in a weird position and got knitting cramps but that's basically it.
Had a drunken night?: ew, no
Gotten high?: I repeat, ew no
Made new friends?: yes
Lost any friends?: *crickets* Yeah I think so but who cares if they couldn't put up with my craziness and I couldn't put up with their drama who needs 'em. I prefer friends w/ no drama in their life whatsoever. (Okay, maybe just a little drama)
Dated someone you thought you had no chance with?: nope, never dated...I'm 18, and never had a date :(
Liked a song only because it was on your boyfriends/girlfriends myspace?: huh?
Made a myspace?: I already have one
Had your bday?: um...yeah
Went to great america?: no
Went swimming?: yeah when we went on a trip this summer
Traveled out of the state?: when we got lost and ended up in WV
Traveled out of the country?: no unfortunately
Read any good books?: lots of 'em
Ditched a friend?: no, i'm the ditchee not the ditcher
Made out with someone just so you can make someone else jealous?: no
Thrown up from drinking?: ew on the drinking but I did throw up some (almost threw up at the smell of it when we toured Maker's Mark)
Gotten a new pet?: Apollo, my turtle for Easter.
Experienced something new?: ...not really
Went sledding?: No because a) no sled; b) no snow
Played in the snow?: see b above
Been chased by a stray animal?: yes...those stupid squirrels!
Been called a whore while walking down the street?: um...no, I don't walk down the streets
Been in a verbal fight?: oh yeah
Been in a spelling bee?: no
Bought something for someone?: duh, it was Christmas wasn't it?
Changed as a person?: possibly
Died?: um...no, I'm writing this aren't I?
Has 2006 been a good year?: eh...
in 2007....
Are you graduating?: OH YEAH! '07 BAYYYYY-BAYYYYY!
Going to make a new years resolution?: finally get my stupid license and maybe get one of my patterns published
Going to have a drunk night?: no
Going to get high?: no. ew.
Going to a different school?: maybe comm. college next fall
Going to move?: i wish.
Going to make new friends?: maybe
Going to keep your myspace?: yes, I've had the thing this long why not?
Going anywhere special?: um...nope
Going to party it up?: no
Will 2007 be better than 2006? won't know till 2008
My First's of 2007
1.Who was the first person you talked to in 07? my cousin's voice mail
2. The first person you hugged? you! *hug*
3. The first person you called? my cousin at a little after midnight.
4. The first person you texted? I wanted to text Playmania but I wasn't allowed. :( So no one.
5. The first drink you drank? Dr Pepper!
6. The first person that called you? my cousin calling me back
7. The first person that texted you? no one (maybe if I had my own phone!)
8. Have you talked to all of your top 8 yet? nope
9. Any of them? no
10. Who was the 1st person to hang up on you? my mom hung up on my cousin because we got into a "You hang up first"/"No you hang up first" argument...I've always wanted to do that.
11. What was the first thing you watched on TV? Playmania! (I'm addicted)
12.Who was the first person you thought of? Mel Peachy because she was on TV
13. What was the first thing you ate? i dunno
14. What exactly were you wearing at midnight? the same thing I'm wearing now, pj bottoms and a muscle tank (it's hot in here!)
15. First Kiss? no one...
16. First fight? it's still early.
17. First Laugh? ?
18. first person to say 'I love you'. ?
Happy New Year! Feel free to do that ^.