Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to me! (+other random stuff)

Happy 19th Birthday to me!
I bought myself three pairs of pajama bottoms and the comfiest ankle sock/slipper/footie things in the whole world! far that I know of. :D
Tonight is lasagna and cheesecake. Pretty Wal-Mart cheesecake. It's strawberry (I think...maybe cherry), chocolate, plain, and carmel. I thought (completely out of nowhere) about a white chocolate cheesecake. Mmm, can you say sugar rush all the way down to your toes and back?
Anyway, I've been studying my footie/sock thingies and I seriously think I can make them (if I can't find a pattern online). Oh my God! At Wal-Mart I saw this ADORABLE little yellow cardigan in the infant/toddler section (I like small stuff) and it was so precious!! It was 100% acrylic (more specifically it felt like Caron simply soft) with little emboridered flowers all over but I thought they took away from the cables. Seriously, considering duplicating it for my cousin's baby girl, Natalie. She'd look so precious in it.:D
I looked for the Sweeney Todd soundtrack but unfortunately couldn't find it. But in light of my birthday I want to share this lovely video by Tegan and Sara with you...currently my favorite song/band:

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Ewe-niss said...

Happy Birthday!

I haven't heard of Tegan and Sara before. Very interesting. I will have to ask Meg, my 19 year old. :-)

Have a wonderful Christmas!